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Studying a language

Language Courses

English, Italian, French, German and other languages on request!
Courses are offered in renewable modules of 20 lessons of 45 minutes each.
Private courses (only one participant) are offered in renewable modules of 10 lessons of 45 minutes each.
The lessons are usually held in sessions of 90 minutes each (equal to two lessons at a time).

We offer a free of charge entrance test to define the linguistic level of a participant, at the start.
Classes are held with one to eight participants.


Language Courses

Our courses, intensive and extensive, are characterized by a flexible organization and are proposed to classes from 1 to 8 participants.
The objectives and contents of our courses correspond to the directives of the European Common Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching and of the European Language Portfolio.

We are proud to collaborate with expert and highly qualified teachers, everyone in his proper mother tongue or teaching subject, and professional and pedagogic experience in teaching adults (for example FSEA or equivalent).

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