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Intensive language courses

Youth 2 - Intensive language course

School subjects:
General English

600 lessons (from October to June)

Official exams:                                   
PET (Preliminary English Test of Cambridge) (B1 of QCER)
Start Deutsch 2 of Goethe Institut (A2 of QCER)


Bridge Formation: languages and commerce

A full-time day course of 30 weeks (796 lessons of 45 minutes). During the course, students acquire the fundamental linguistic and commercial instruments in order to carry out ordinary jobs in an office, with efficacy and efficiency. Two languages are taught: English and German (including the preparation for the Business English Certificate BEC 1-Cambridge University and Start Deutsch 2-Goethe Institut). Besides, the programme contains three commercial subjects, useful for the practical work of the secretary in an office:


The Bridge Formation

Bridge Formation allows you to acquire skills in one school year, and useful skills in national and international job and business, and in practical work in an office.
We offer 3 Bridge Formation courses for young people, to provide maximum customization of your course of study.

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