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Residence permits

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Type L EU/EFTA short-term residence permit
People holding a contract of employment of less than twelve months duration are issued a type L EU/EFTA permit. The permit is valid until the contract expires. Nationals of an EU-25/EFTA state in employment not exceeding three months do not need a work permit; however, commencement of such employment is subject to online registration by the Swiss employer. Citizens of an EU-2 state taking up employment with a Swiss employer or providing a service in particular sectors are invariably subject to permission. 
Online registration

Type B EU/EFTA residence permit
This permit is issued to people holding a contract of employment of twelve months or unlimited duration and people who prove they are genuinely self-employed. Persons not in gainful employment are issued this permit if they can prove that they possess sufficient financial means to support themselves and their family and have taken out adequate accident and health insurance policies. The permit is valid for five years and can be extended. Students are issued this permit for one year and are granted yearly renewals if they continue to fulfil the conditions.
Type G EU/EFTA cross-border commuter permit
Employed or self-employed persons domiciled in an EU-27 or EFTA state and working in Switzerland (place of work or company headquarters) may apply for a cross-border commuter permit. They need to return to their main domicile abroad at least once a week. EU-25/EFTA nationals are not subject to border zone regulations. The domicile and work place of EU-2 nationals who commute must be within the respective border zones. The cantonal labour market authorities provide details on the extent of these border zones.
Cross-border commuters holding an employment contract of less than one year’s duration are issued with a permit for the period of employment. In employment of twelve months or more, the permit is valid for five years. 
Cantonal labor market authorities

Type C EU/EFTA settlement permit
Under agreements concluded with the respective states, nationals from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, Liechtenstein, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Finland, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Luxemburg, Norway and Sweden who have resided in Switzerland for five continuous years are granted a settlement permit (C-permit). While holders of a settlement permit are entitled to stay for an unlimited period of time, their permanent residence status needs to be confirmed every five years. The free movement agreement does not cover permanent residence. No such agreements with the other EU-states are in force; nationals of states other than those mentioned above are granted a settlement permit after a regular period of ten years.