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Learning online

Testo vantaggi

CTA e-learning is a platform for on-line teaching, that is a virtual space that provides insights (tests, slides, handouts) to classroom lessons and allows for total autonomy exercises and tests.
There are many software platforms for the realization of an online course. CTA Istituto Interlingue, following the example of many universities, chose the Moodle platform.
Students log on with personal credentials; inside he or she has available a range of services and tools for carrying out teaching activities including, for example:
Virtual classrooms: virtual spaces in which participants in a course can 'take lessons' and interact online in synchronous mode using a set of tools provided by the platform;
Biblioweb: an area which is the specific insights for his course;
Alerts, Calendar etc .: they are some of the tools that allow the teacher to communicate with all students enrolled in the course and to organize educational activities. Alerts for the courses to which you have subscribed are sent by e-mail.

Various training modules are made available in different formats:

  • presentations and handouts from complete and current lecturer teaching
  • audio and video files (support essential to the learning of foreign languages)
  • online tutorials through interactive quizzes

Minimum requirements to access e-Learning

To properly view the courses on the platform,  all drivers must be installed correctly on your PC especially the sound card driver.

System Requirements

  • Internet browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Safari, Opera
  • Connection: fiber, ADSL (minimum 100K downloads in eg. ISDN double to 128K)

If there are no these kinds of requirements, it can be a problem of use of contents: it can not be considered CTA Istituto Interlingue's responsibility.

 It recommends the use of headphones for a better use of the audio content.