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At the agreed time the teacher will contact you by Skype for the lesson, right on your PC or smartphone.
The classes will be of 25 minutes or 45 minutes for a minimum of 20 lessons that can be renewed.
Our CTA e-learning platform also supports and integrates with in-depth lessons and exercises.


Lessons of 25 minutes Lessons of 45 minutes
  20 lessons in CHF     lesson price in CHF      20 lessons in CHF     lesson price in CHF  
700 35 1.280 64

plus enrollment fee CHF 60.-


You need

  1. a computer or tablet with webcam and microphone -  integrated or connected as external devices
  2. a good Internet speed

About a good quality of the call

  1. Internet speed: 500 kbps is the minimum required. Streaming video works with a slower connection, but it could cause delays or interruptions in the transmission of images.
  2. You can test the speed of your connection to this site. Click "Begin Test" and make sure that the result gives you a download speed no less than 500Kbps. 
  3. Speed of your computer / tablet: it's better to close all unnecessary programs before you make the call. (Ex: Internet Browser, programs, download, e-mail, etc.) This is probably the easiest way to improve quality of your connection. Also make sure that there are not any other computers or devices connected to the same network, and that there are no downloads or other streaming videos on course.

Additional measures

Lighting: If you use only the light emitted from the computer screen, there is a risk that the teacher sees a dark halo and blur around you.
Lighting the room is important for a perfect visibility. It's enough to turn on the main light of the room, and a lamp, or stay in a room lit by daylight.