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About us

CTA Istituto InterlingueThe school CTA ISTITUTO INTERLINGUE, with headquarters in via Monte Boglia 4 a Lugano, is active since 1985 in language teaching, the execution of Translation services in all principal languages for third parties and the promotion of Cultural Activities inherent to the languages we teach.

Our main activity is life-long learning in the linguistic and commercial fields. We prepare our students to take exams offered by internationally well-known and recognized authorities in the most common languages (Cambridge University, Goethe Institut, Siena State University, etc.).

We are proud to collaborate with expert and highly qualified teachers, everyone in his proper mother tongue or teaching subject, and professional and pedagogic experience in teaching adults (for example FSEA or equivalent).

As a support to language learning, we organize language courses in Switzerland and abroad, as well as school excursions and trips.

Other than the excellent level of proficiency in our courses and our translations, the vast net of international prestigious relationships and the great esteem of which CTA Istituto Interlingue enjoys in Europe and in the whole world, the element that best characterizes our commitment is the great opening to the requirements of our clients, the opening towards new input in the linguistic and cultural fields as well as the interchange of such experiences.

In order to adapt our formation offers to the needs of the participants and the economic and social requirements of the moment, we carry out a constant analysis of the market. This allows us to keep up-to-date our formation offers and to reach a larger public. Our Institute is open all year round, has its own seat with a functional infrastructure and furniture as well as a private car park for its collaborators/students.

Prof. Guirguis Mansour